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We have included web sites on this page that we think might be of interest to Christians. Inclusion on this page does not mean that we endorse all the material found on the links.

News Service, Magazines, Articles
Fundamental Baptist News Svc Balaams Ass Speaks Fair Dinkum Magazine
Conservative News Plains Baptist Challenger

Lists of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Bible Believers Church Directory KJV Only Baptist Churches Fundamental Baptist Church
Ventura, CA
Independent Baptist Church Directory Baptist Church List Fundamental Baptist Church List
Bible Believers Baptist Church, Touchet, WA

Click here for: Fundamental Baptist Ministries Abroad

Bible Resource Sites
KJV Bible Believer's Resource Way of Life Literature
Preacher's Corner Preacher's Corner - Sermons

Church History
Foxes Book of Martyrs Trail of Blood Christian Hall of Fame

Miscellaneous Christian Sites
KJVMail - Free Web-based EMail Sites of Interest to Christians Christian Poetry
Institute for Creation Research Bible Truths Dial The Truth
Christian Law Association Christian Camp Johnny The Baptist
Chick Publications Sacred Music Preserved Ames Christian Hymns

Ministries to Cults
Mission to Catholics International
A list of resources for literature on Mormonism Utah Lighthouse Ministry Mormons in Transition
Mormonism Research Ministry Watchman Fellowship Recovery from Mormonism

Miscellaneous Sites
Wackyuses Great Movie Reviews Computer Virus Myths Home Page
Truth or Fiction Good Search - each search helps this ministry Kregel Publications
Check Up On Prescription Drugs Rare & Antique Bibles Christian Classics Ethereal Library

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