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Dr. Bonner has pastored Faith Baptist Church since August of 1979. A large number of his sermons were saved on cassette tapes. Pastor Bonner has reviewed these tapes and selected a list of those messages that were blessed and used of God, and that were especially acclaimed by the congregation..

These sermons are being made available upon request. These sermons are from THE Word of God and belong to God. The sermons are not being sold. However, we are a small church with limited resources, and we do need to recover costs of the tapes and postage. If you are interested in obtaining a sermon on cassette, please let us know the tape number and sermon title that you want. Include $2.00 per tape (or as otherwise specified) for shipping and handling. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery upon receipt of payment. Thank you, and may God bless you.

Make check payable to:

Faith Baptist Church
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Sermon Tapes and Titles Sermon Tapes and Titles
The Titanic!
Tape #312
The Book of Revelation (19 Tapes)
$2.00 per tape-(specify chapter), or $30 for the set
The White Stone of Revelation
"and I will give him a WHITE STONE, and in the stone, a new name written"
Tape #366
Who Was That Angel?
"and there appeared an ANGEL unto Him from heaven, strengthening Him"
Tapes #564, 565 (2 tape set)
Which Bible?
Tape #429 The NASV/NIV/RSV, etc.
Tape #735 The New KJV
Tape #731 Their PERVERTED Manuscripts
($2.00 per tape or $5 for all three)
The Parable of the Ten Virgins
Tape #420 Where's Your Oil
Tape #805 Give Us Your Oil
Tape #656 Ten Saved Virgins
($2.00 per tape or $5 for all three)
Outer Darkness
Tape #448 If Moses Didn't Make It, Will You
Tape #327 Salvation Is Not Enough
Tape #389 No Reward
Tape #329 Losing Your Part
Tape #656 Ten Saved Virgins
Tape #657 Outside The Gate
Tape #806 There Is An Outer Darkness
($2.00 per tape or $10 for all seven)
The Hidden Manna of Revelation
"and I will give him to eat of the HIDDEN MANNA"
Tape #512 The Manna and the Word of God
Tape #513 The Manna and Christ
Tape #514 The Hidden Manna
($2.00 per tape or $5 for all three)
Hidden line to balance table
Hidden line to balance table
Lord, Put Me Back on the Potter's Wheel!
4 tape set - $6 (Tape #678, 679, 680, 681)
What If You Had A Birthday and Nobody Came? Tape #175
Seven Enemies to Defeat on the Way to the Promise Land
Tape #159
Why The Church Won't Go Through The Tribulation!
3 tape set - $5 (Tape #643, 644, 645)
What Is A Non-Denominational Church?
Tape #401
Denominations Do Matter!
Tape #775, 776 (2 tape set)
God Doesn't Use Bricks!
Tape #528
God Only Uses Stones!
Tape #529
What Judas Sold!
Tape #688
Nightmare On Hell Street - The Final Chapter! Tape #616
The Voice of the Blood of Jesus!
Tape #526, 527 (2 tape set)
Would You Carry His Cross?
4 tape set - $6 (Tape #534, 535, 536, 537)
Home Where I Belong
Tape #576
The Man Who Missed His Cross!
Tape #312
Remember Lot's Wife!
Tape #835
The God They Don't Want To Hear About!
Tape #836
When Can God Bless America Again?
Tape #838
Did God Create Evil?
Tape #842
It Is Well With My Soul
Tape #597
Where Is God?
Tape #578
The Heat Is On!
Tapes #579, 580 (2 tape set)
The Fire Must Fall!
Tape #631, 632 (2 tape set)
How Many Wise Men?
Tape #752
The Broken Rose of Christmas
Tape #500
Yes Santa Clause, There Is A Jesus!
Tape #421
All We Like Scrooge Have Gone Astray
Tape #121
The Message of the Trees
Tape #287
The Untold Story of the Great White Throne!
Tape #436
Jesus In The House!
Tape #519
Lost In The House!
Tape #523
Living Between Bethel and Hai
Tape #517
No Shadows In Heaven
Tape #764
Lord, Lock Me Up and Throw Away The Keys!
Tape #822
The Saddest People In Hell!
Tape #823
Life's Troubled Sea!
Tapes #619, 620 (2 tape set)
They Called Him Saviour
Tape #673
Half A Mind To Serve The Lord!
Tape #811, 812 (2 tape set)
The Ebenezer Stone!
Tape #264
Back To Bethel
Tape #244
That's Him!
Tape #194
What A Man Can Do To Save Himself?
Tape #197
The Hardest Things To Say In Any Language
Tape #210
Loved Ones In Hell!
Tape #211
Who's That Rocking The Boat?
Tape #146
They're Just Not Sheep!
Tape #173
When The Sheep Won't Eat!
Tape #154
In Our Place, Doing Our Part For God!
Tape #139
The Right Place of Fellowship
Tape #202
Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me!
Tape #176
Stirred, But Not Changed!
Tape #183
The Use of Tongues
Tape #685
The Misuse of Tongues
Tape #715, 716 (2 tape set)
Without Remedy
Tape #360
Why Noah's Neighbors Went To Hell!
Tape #352
The Scars of Easter
Tape #077
Why I Love The Bible
Tape #023
An Anchor for the Soul
Tape #390, 391 (2 tape set)
Kissing The Door of Heaven and Missing It!
Tape #036
On The Road to Emmaus In A Mess!
Tape #030
Where Can You Go The Devil Can't Get You?
Tape #125
Do You Really Want To Go To Heaven?
Tape #132
The Third Day
Tape #331
Trampling On The Blood!
Tape #277
The Seven Judges of Jesus
Tape #460, 461 (2 tape set)
Ready or Not, Here He Comes!
Tape #087
Can God Still Reach You?
Tape #825
Glorious In His Apparel!
Tape #750
A Taste Of Honey
Tape #576
When All Else Fails, Read The Instructions
Tape #844
What Happens When The Saved Go Too Far?
Tape #808
The Branches That Are Taken Away
Tape #424
Somebody Touched Him
Tape #487
The Man With The Face Of An Angel
Tape #505
The Two Fold Blessing Of Bethlehem
Tape #851
What About No Doctrine?
Tape #832
No Doctrine Is False Doctrine
Tape #850
I Am His and He Is Mine
Tape #424
That I may Know Him!
Tape #723
Our High Priest
Tape #742
The Heart Has Ears
3 tape set - $5 (Tape #689, 690, 691)
Is There Sin In The Millenium?
Tape #650
When The Dead Live Again
Tape #780
Prayer of a Dying Sinner
Tape #521
Prayer of a Dying Saviour
Tape #522
How They Hated Jesus!
Tape #330
The Legends of Christmas
Tape #499
Fishing 'Till Jesus Comes
Tape #545
He Can Have My Room
Tape #668
The Purpose of Preaching
Tape #798
Who Needs God?
Tape #846
It's Good To Know Jesus!
Tape #723
Alone, Away From Home
Tape #837

*Please refer to this site again from time to time for a list of "SPECIAL INTEREST SERMONS" on issues such as: THE PROMISE KEEPERS, THE CULTS, FREEMASONRY, and others to be posted in the near future.

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